Saturday, February 28, 2009

Who needs a stimulus package???

Caleb and I have been visiting David at the hospital on nights when he has to sleep there. David meets us in the parking lot and escorts us in so we don't get mugged and then the three of us enjoy a luxurious dinner in the hospital cafeteria (that was where we ate on the eve of Valentine's, no joke). Anyway, the first time we went I noticed that after "checking out" the receipt showed a balance and it reminded me that we've been sitting on a gold mine.

Every month, the hospital deducts $20 from David's paycheck and he, in turn, gets $250 to spend in the cafeteria. Talk about a great return on an investment! Of course, that's only if you exclude the future medical expenses we are certain to incur as a result of our clogged arteries since the hospital only serves food that starts with "fried" (e.g. fried chicken, fried okra, fried frenchies...I mean, french fries).

So, David's assignment every month is to zero out his $250 balance by the last day of the month. This can be accomplished by bringing home any number of items: yogurt cups, Cobb salad, cookies, chips, or best of all, my favorite beverage: mini-cartons of chocolate milk.

So, with all this hoopla about how the country is spiraling into a financial black hole, it's nice to know we have one investment that yields an excellent return. Hey, maybe I can stop posting Google Ads on my blog now...nah:)

David bringing home his spoils on February 28
And here's what Caleb has to say a bout that:
(Yes, he is in PJ's...AGAIN)


Nellie said...

Hey, I'd eat hospital food, too! As long as I didn't make it, I'm happy.

$250 is a ton of money per month for one guy -- for only $20? Are you sure there isn't some accounting error? "Eva since Katrina we give way too much money to the Dr.'s around here . . ."
Just wondering.

Teresa said...

Ah, yes the infamous hospital food. We completely understand the "fried" term.
I would love it if Justin had that kind of "stimulus package" at his work. Eve since Katrina, the prices at the cafeteria have gone up!
What a cute baby you have! It was fun to see him. Next time though I want to hold him.