Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Our Halloween festivities began on Friday night with the brilliant idea to have a "family date night" carving a pumpkin. Caleb's interest lasted approximately 2 minutes after which time he decided the pumpkin guts were, "yucky!" and he refused to touch the pumpkin at all. He did, however, realize that when mommy and daddy's hands were covered in pumpkin guts, that was a great time to destroy everything within reach. Oh, well, better luck next year.
Unlike previous Halloweens (can that be plural???) I was not feeling up for putting together a family ensemble. As such, Caleb was the only one who had the privilege of dressing up. For the church party he was a doctor complete with scrubs (thanks, Aunt Tiffany!), a surgical mask, and the following accessories which he refused to wear: surgical hat, stethoscope, rubber gloves. Here he is before the party:
I captured the 2.5 seconds where he did wear the hat:
I took this video right before the church party:
On the day of Halloween, Caleb wore this Winnie the Pooh/bee costume that we borrowed from a neighbor and absolutely LOVED it.
Here he is next to the finished pumpkin which he had no interest in carving:
Here are the cute neighbor kids who let us borrow the costume (Caleb loves them):
Those Sour Patch Kids really make you pucker:Getting ready to ring doorbells:
Our little busy bee:

Here is Pooh with the fruits of his labor. He caught on to the concept of walking from house to house and saying "tic teet" to get candy, but also thought you had to walk inside each house. David spent the better part of the evening wrangling Pooh out of the neighbors' houses:The boys in their Halloween PJs (thanks, Grandma Ludlow):
Here's a better look at Levi's monster PJs...very fitting:)