Friday, January 30, 2009

Super Powers

Looks peaceful, right?...WRONG!

Am I being ridiculous by suggesting that our beloved first-born son has super powers? His powers enable him to detect each time his mother's eyelids make contact for more than a nano-second (blinking duration) at which point he commences to announce his wakeful presence to the world.

I swear, he'll be in a deep sleep, I'll put him in his bed and then occupy myself with very productive household tasks (e.g. pumping while watching DIY Network or Oprah) for at least 15 minutes to make sure he's really asleep and then just when it seems like the coast is clear, I'll shut my eyes to rest and within seconds that oh-so-pleasant sound of baby crying fills the air. Here's to Joe Super Baby Cypress!

"Don't shoot, officer. I surrender!"

PS-Thanks for the awesome socks, Rosa:)

Friday, January 23, 2009


Our little guy is six weeks old now and has acquired several nicknames. Other than the obvious Joe Cypress, here are a few of them:


I have tried combing his hair down after we bathe him, but those strands have a mind of their own. Perhaps some product would do the trick!

This one is not accompanied by a multimedia display and if you use your imagination I'm sure you can figure out why. Let's just say the breast milk is doing its work keeping him regular...a bit OVERLY regular:)

David's mom was visiting last week and after assessing the circumference of Caleb's thighs commented, "You're going to have to be on baby Biggest Loser!" Check out those fat rolls...Fear not, no camera lenses were ruined by urine during the taking of this picture (thanks to the pee-pee teepee which has been a LIFE SAVER).

Caleb eats really well when offered "food" but seems to think he must attempt to extract additional sustenance from all other possible sources as depicted in the following two video clips.

(one of the professionals on Dancing With the Stars)
David discovered one of the ONLY ways to calm Caleb down which is waltzing while music plays in the background. He's still acquiring a taste for Cha-Cha and Foxtrot, but definitely prefers the Waltz.



Saturday, January 10, 2009

Now this is livin'

I have every intention of posting Caleb's "birth story" but since it's now been one month and I've been holding off on other posts so as to keep things in chronological order, I think I'll skip ahead a bit and post the story whenever I get to it.

Caleb has been a riot to have around and I enjoy him pretty much all of the time (minus when he wakes me up every hour in the middle of the night thinking he needs to eat). He has a great personality and is starting to become more alert and aware.

When he was two weeks old he decided he was done having an umbilical cord stump so he ripped it off while we were changing his clothes...seriously! He was really agitated and brought both arms down to his stump, initiated his vice grip and yanked both arms up abruptly. I was shocked and a bit disgusted since there was blood coming out of his belly button. Fortunately, it all healed within a week which meant we were free to try bath time.

Our first attempt was in the actual bath tub and Caleb wasn't such a fan of that. As you will see in this clip, David climbed in the tub to try and calm him down (don't worry, he's fully clothed), but even that wasn't enough to convince him that bath time is fun:

The next day I tried it in the bathroom sink instead and things went MUCH more smoothly. Here is our little man feeling pretty good about life. Note the strategic placement of the loin cloths in both video clips. Some day he'll thank me for that!

I also had to include this picture which David took right after an evening feeding. Nothing quite like some sound sleep after a nice drink of warm milk:) Now that's livin'!