Sunday, May 30, 2010

Catching up...again

Yes, we are still alive, and yes, life is still full of adventures. So many, in fact, that I find it nearly impossible to post on our blog nowadays:) Since our last post announcing our pregnancy, junior has been reminding me constantly of this pregnancy by making sure my stomach is never quite settled. Despite my less-than-desirable condition, we've been having fun and here are a few highlights.
*Caleb and I took a trip to UT in March to see my family. Caleb's adventures included:
-cuddling with grandpa for bottle time

-splashing in grandma's sink

-dress-up time with aunt Ali
-scooter time with aunt Caitlyn
-horsie time with Ali and Caitlyn
*last weekend we drove to Dallas to meet my brother's new little baby, Graf, and Caleb had a blast with his cousins at the park and on the trampoline: -Lorin "babysat" Caleb by tying a rope to his wrist so he couldn't fall down the stairs:) Surprisingly, he tolerated it for quite some time.
Having a baby around gave us a chance to see how Caleb might react once he's not the only child in our family. When mommy held the baby: no problemo! When daddy held the baby: BIG PROBLEMO!!! This picture is after Caleb stopped screaming and clawing at David's legs. Check out the glare he's giving Graf. I can almost read his mind..."Don't try any funny stuff, small fry or you're goin' down!"
If there was any doubt before, it's now confirmed that Caleb is a daddy's boy! This is one of their favorite father-son activities. Don't be deceived by Caleb's face, he actually really likes it:)

Well, maybe our next one will be a mama's boy...that's right, we're having another BOY!:)