Sunday, November 23, 2008

"Let the baby out"

As our day of delivery approaches, we have had some funny experiences to remind us that this process requires a sense of humor.

*While in the waiting area for one of my OB appointments, there was a young girl (around 16) sitting next to me. She asked when my baby was due (the actual question was, "Gul, when you gonna ha dat baby?") and then she asked, "You scayed?" (scared)
"Not really," I replied.
"Guuuul, you SHOULD be!" was her response.
Turns out she had her first baby just a few weeks before and the experience left her with the desire to warn others of the agony that awaits them. Much appreciated!

*In the foyer at church after one of my many bathroom runs, I encountered two women, a mother and daughter, from our ward. The daughter took one look at my belly and said, "Gul, when you gonna ha dat baby?" Yes, the question was phrased exactly the same as my friend's from the doctor's office. Her next question was "Wat chu gonna name him?" When I told her we don't have a name yet, she said, "You oughta name 'im Joe Cypress. I knew me a gul name her boy dat and I think you oughta name yo's dat, too." This recommendation was given after both she and her mom touched every part of my stomach they could get their hands on. Since they were intimately familiar with me and the baby by then, maybe we really should consider it. 'Joe Cypress' has a certain ring to it.

*We are at week three of our five week birthing class and the last session focused on things your partner can do to help you relax and encourage you through the labor and delivery process. I'm pretty sure we're going to get kicked out because I have a tendency to experience uncontrolled outbursts of laughter at some of the things that are said and shown in this class. The most recent one occurred when the teacher handed out a list of phrases that a partner can say to encourage the laboring woman. Sandwiched between, "You're all right," and "You're doing fine," was, "Let the baby out." I'm sure it is intended to be said with tenderness and tranquility (even then, I'm not sure I would appreciate hearing it), but David "practiced" it with a "He_ _ no, we won' t go" picket line cadence and I couldn't stop laughing/crying for several minutes.

Here are some belly shots from the last week or so. It really is a miracle to have this little guy inside of me. He frequently positions himself so his little butt pokes out at the top giving my belly a most unusual shape. This picture captures that to a small degree:

This is closer to the homeostatic shape of my belly nowadays:

My cousin Noel takes weekly bare belly shots when she's pregnant. It's taken me 37 weeks to build up the courage, but here's the result. It is pretty fascinating, I have to admit.

Only about three more weeks until I get "scayed," David tells me to "let the baby out" and we welcome little Joe Cypress into the world.

Monday, November 17, 2008


According to, "Nesting is the term used to refer to an expectant mother’s instinct which gives her a surge of energy which prompts her to clean and do various chores around her home. Nesting usually arises as the mother nears her due date. Not all women will nest. The nesting process has no relation on how good a mother the woman will be."

With just a few more weeks to go, I think I've officially entered the nesting stage and wanted to post some pictures of my endeavors.

The biggest project was painting the nursery furniture which was very generously donated to us by my cousin Kerri. This turned out to be a much bigger project than anticipated and David came home from the hospital one night to see this:

No, I was not TRYING to be immodest, but I have a "paint shirt" from my pre-pregnancy days that's already ruined and didn't want to ruin another shirt. Unfortunately, the fabric does not stretch, so my only resort was to let it all hang out.

Here are some snapshots of the evolving nursery. The walls are still totally bare, but thanks to my awesome sisters-in-law (I think that's the right plural form) that will soon change.

The "before"...

The "after"...

This picture features the crib bedding that I fell in love with oh, so many months ago as well as a quilt made by the very awesome and talented MariLouise!
I also decided last week that if I didn't get out our Christmas stuff now, I probably wouldn't get it out at all. So now we're feeling a bit more festive in our home. Here is our Storybook Christmas collection courtesy of my mother-in-law displayed atop our new IKEA shelf.

All lit up:

Now that we have a fireplace, I hung our stockings and put up our fake tree which is the only Christmas tree we've ever had during our 7 years of marriage (also courtesy of my mother-in-law).

Now to tackle organizing the guest room so it's ready for my mom when she comes to do new-mommy-boot camp with me. We are so excited for this big change and appreciate all of your support.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What kind of "est" would you be?

David and I met a man at the gym on Saturday and in true southern form, he divulged much of his life story to us within the first 10 minutes of talking (this was during our "cool down":)). He then asked about us, specifically how many kids we wanted to have. When we told him 4-6 he said, "Ya'll Catholics?"

"No, Mormon, actually."

"You don't say. I've only known one other Mormon in my life and he was the workingest man I ever knew." He then went on to tell us about how hard this man worked to support his large family and how much respect he had for him.

Aside from the fact that I don't think "workingest" is actually a word, his comment got me thinking about what kind of "est" I might be if I was the only Mormon someone knew. Also, with election mania going on I've wondered a bit what role one person plays in all of this. This man's comment led me to the conclusion that, religion aside, we each can be the "est" at something whether it be kind-est, loyal-est, faithful-est, friendli-est, funni-est, reliabl-est (just go with it), etc. So as food for thought: if someone were to describe you, what "est" word do you think they would use?