Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Stepping in to 2010

Two days before Caleb's first birthday he took his first steps. I was at the computer and Caleb was standing by the bookshelf a few feet from me. I held out my arms as I'd done many times before but this time instead of falling to his knees and crawling to me, he curled up his chubby little toes and then took one, two, three steps right into my arms. We danced and laughed and celebrated and kept practicing until daddy got home that night. By then he could do this:

And now he can do this:

Look out, world. Here he comes!

Merry Christmas 2009

Christmas was full of wonderful things which included a trip to Reno. Here are some highlights:

*feeding Buddy the dog goodies from the high chair:
*Opening a few presents on Christmas morning like these board books from daddy:
*Being mostly interested in everyone else's wrapping paper and ribbons and watching them open their presents with this blank stare: *Getting lessons from Grandma Ludlow on how to climb DOWN stairs:
*Being twins with cousin Trystan in cute matching snow hats (thanks Pete and Toni!):

*Getting to see some of the Costleys during layovers at the Salt Lake airport:
*Filling up on cookies and Ginger Ale before getting back on the airplane:

Ho, Ho, Ho!
We hope your Christmas was full of wonderful things, too!