Sunday, March 8, 2009

Ups and Downs

While every week has its ups and downs, this past week seemed to have a few more of those dreaded downs. On Wednesday our computer crashed which meant, no checking emails, blogs, or my GoogleAds account balance;). On Thursday, an oil-like substance started oozing from the clutch pedal on David's car. On Friday, while trying to remedy both of the above-mentioned issues, I managed to get a fresh shirt on only to have it covered in baby puke ("spit up" is far too delicate a name for it) just moments later. This is AFTER cleaning up the damage, and Caleb certainly wasn't too bothered by the situation.

I'm happy to report that all of those issues are now resolved (computer is working, clutch is fixed, shirt is laundered) and I can focus on the abundant 'ups' that being a parent brings. Here are a few:

*I'm not sure how he does it, but Caleb prefers to sleep with his hands suspended in mid-air. So if I peek in mid-nap, this is the site I frequently see:

*I tried sitting Caleb in his Bumbo for the first time the other day to see how he would like it. He was like a little old man kickin' it in his favorite chair. Please note that he is NOT wearing PJ's in one of these pictures:)

*Caleb and I were playing on the floor one evening waiting for David to get home from the hospital when I noticed the rays from the setting sun glistening majestically in his awesome hair. With 'ups' like these, it's tough to linger on the 'downs.'

PS-When our computer crashed, I lost all of my "favorites" so I don't have any links to private blogs anymore. If you have one and I'm still invited, will you please email me your links (ludlowjenny at gmail dot com) or leave them as a comment?