Thursday, September 9, 2010

Take me out to the ball game!

We ventured to Dallas a couple weekends ago to meet up with my brother Cory's family and my dad. Grandpa had the great idea to go to a Texas Rangers baseball game and the kids were in heaven!

Here's grandpa with 4 of his grandkids plus my cousin's little cutie, Brock.
Our latest family portrait: (if you enlarge this photo you'll see that Caleb has a fist-full of m&ms and chocolate smeared all over his lips)
My conservative estimate is that Caleb consumed in excess of 200 m&ms during the game. Every time we turned around he had another cup of those things.
Occasionally, he would take a break from m&ms and munch on some very nutritious oreos. At least he was willing to share those.
By the end of the night he had food coloring all over his shirt and was soaking wet from Ginger Ale (hence the bare chest). And yet, the m&m consumption continued...who are his parents, anyway???Daddy and Caleb outside Rangers stadium:
It was a great weekend in Dallas. We sure love our Costley cousins!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A fun, hot summer!

What a summer it's been! Caleb and I fled west for a month trying to escape the sweltering heat and humidity that abounds in Louisiana this time of year. We spent the first couple of weeks taking care of 2 of Caleb's cousins while their mom (my sister) was on a trip. Thanks to aunts Caitlyn and Ali we all had a blast and enjoyed our quality time together.

Here's my little posse:
Highlights included:

*a trip to the trout farm with Grandpa Costley where Caleb caught his first fish (despite the seeming lack of interest conveyed by the sucking of his thumb he was actually quite the fisherman:)
*a quick trip to Palo Alto to see friends which included a visit with Clarence, Jim and their adorable puppy, Friday
*some time at Bear Lake to play in the sand and splash in the water and best of all, ride in the truck with Grandma Costley
*lots of cuddle time with Grandpa Costley
*getting makeovers from aunt Caitlyn
*Lots of cousin bonding

Unfortunately, when we arrived back in Shreveport, the heat had not subsided one bit so we've taken to afternoons lounging in our very spacious backyard pool.

No heat could make life too miserable when I get to see this face everyday, though:)