Thursday, September 9, 2010

Take me out to the ball game!

We ventured to Dallas a couple weekends ago to meet up with my brother Cory's family and my dad. Grandpa had the great idea to go to a Texas Rangers baseball game and the kids were in heaven!

Here's grandpa with 4 of his grandkids plus my cousin's little cutie, Brock.
Our latest family portrait: (if you enlarge this photo you'll see that Caleb has a fist-full of m&ms and chocolate smeared all over his lips)
My conservative estimate is that Caleb consumed in excess of 200 m&ms during the game. Every time we turned around he had another cup of those things.
Occasionally, he would take a break from m&ms and munch on some very nutritious oreos. At least he was willing to share those.
By the end of the night he had food coloring all over his shirt and was soaking wet from Ginger Ale (hence the bare chest). And yet, the m&m consumption continued...who are his parents, anyway???Daddy and Caleb outside Rangers stadium:
It was a great weekend in Dallas. We sure love our Costley cousins!


Carol and Tyler said...

That is a group of serious cuties!! I love the m&m obsession. We have to hide the trail mix bag from Van to keep him from hoarding the m&ms. Love you guys.

Faith Garff said...

serious cuties is right! those costly's have some good jeans.

tiffany said...

I have been looking at this post for weeks...getting a kick out of the shot with him and his candy-full belly. What fun!