Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I love my mail man

As the temperature climbs steadily here in good ol' Louisiana (and the size of my belly increases) Caleb and I make fewer and fewer trips outside of our air conditioned home. One outing we strive to preserve, however, is to the mailbox each day (which is only at the end of our driveway but it's about as far as I'm willing to go before a glass of ice-water and elevated foot position is required). He likes to gear up with his sunglasses and then push his mail car down the driveway.
Once the mail is retrieved, he climbs in the car and "drives" back to the garage.

Who wouldn't love to have their mail delivered by this handsome guy?

On occasion, after the mail is unloaded he zips back down the driveway for a stroll. He might be small, but he can get his legs a movin'. Here is Speedy Gonzales in action.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Another birthday, a new decade of life

My 30th birthday started off with a surprise message from the birthday fairy spelled out in peanut butter M&Ms, which are, in Caleb's words, "nummy!"
Then it was off to the blueberry patch. We wised up from last year and went early in the morning so as not to completely overheat. Caleb did a little bit of picking, but his skill set is more conducive to eating blueberries and whacking the trees with large branches.
I, too, ate my fair share of berries while David did most of the picking. Fortunately, the farm has these great bucket harnesses that position the bucket perfectly in case one's water was to break while picking berries:)
Here's farmer Dave and his trusty side kick
This sign at the berry sorting station said, "Any unattended children will be served an espresso and given a free puppy!" Fortunately, we made it out of there without either of those things.
After a relaxing afternoon, David and I went out on a nice date consisting of dinner and a movie. These flowers were actually from a friend, but David wasn't opposed to making it look like he gave them to me.
Now it's time to tackle a brand new decade!

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