Friday, January 23, 2009


Our little guy is six weeks old now and has acquired several nicknames. Other than the obvious Joe Cypress, here are a few of them:


I have tried combing his hair down after we bathe him, but those strands have a mind of their own. Perhaps some product would do the trick!

This one is not accompanied by a multimedia display and if you use your imagination I'm sure you can figure out why. Let's just say the breast milk is doing its work keeping him regular...a bit OVERLY regular:)

David's mom was visiting last week and after assessing the circumference of Caleb's thighs commented, "You're going to have to be on baby Biggest Loser!" Check out those fat rolls...Fear not, no camera lenses were ruined by urine during the taking of this picture (thanks to the pee-pee teepee which has been a LIFE SAVER).

Caleb eats really well when offered "food" but seems to think he must attempt to extract additional sustenance from all other possible sources as depicted in the following two video clips.

(one of the professionals on Dancing With the Stars)
David discovered one of the ONLY ways to calm Caleb down which is waltzing while music plays in the background. He's still acquiring a taste for Cha-Cha and Foxtrot, but definitely prefers the Waltz.




Christie said...

Jenny your baby is so cute. I hope you are doing well.

Kerri said...

How did you do that?!! He performed whatever act you said he was going to on queue!! I'm guessing you've spent countless hours assessing his needs and behaviors--just a hunch :) OK, cute much??

Nellie said...

He is so darn cute -- I need to invest in some pee-pee t-pees for the babe -- I've never had such luxuries in the past . . .

Carol and Tyler said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAaaaaaa!!! He's adorable! Thanks for giving us a taste of the cuteness!

tiffany said...

FANTASTIC POST! Jacob loved the video clips! I love to hear the two of you laughing about his 'fussy times.' Hang in there!

p.s. Your changing pad cover is adorable, and i bet it looks fantastic with your bedding!

Sheri Willardson said...

Oh, what a sweetie! I can't believe that hair!! I think those are perfect nicknames-maybe those thunder thighs will get him a spot on dancing with the stars... :) My kids always had chubby legs-but its good because it means they are healthy. And it SUPER cute. I hope you are doing well!

Carol said...

What a terrific post. I loved all the pictures and video clips. He's adorable and it appears he has stellar parents :) Thanks so much for sharing.

Jen H said...

Those are super cute videos and pictures. Thanks for posting them. I love his hair the best! Too cute!

Mann Clann said...

I see that you have the "black and white stimulation" thing going on next to his changing table-so cool! I did the same thing with my firstborn and she loved to look at it. But I got lazy with my second! (Of course when she was born my first was barely 19 months. It's amazing I lived through the first months!) Love the nicknames.

nevadanista said...

I see there's a new boss in your family - as it should be :)

He's wonderful!

Noel said...

LOVE all of the footage, and on that last pic, ADORABLE doesn't do him justice. What a sweet little peanut. I can't wait to meet him and see those thighs this summer. You will be making an appearance and one or more of the weddings and/or the Lynch reunion, correct??

Heather said...

OH...he is just such a doll. I'm loving all the pictures, especially the one of the "thunder thighs", and believe me, we know what thunder thighs look like!!

Hoyt still has his, they are not as bad as they used to be, but they are definitely still there. I love it!!