Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"Eva since Katrina..."

Let me preface my remarks by saying that I am aware Hurricane Katrina was a disastrous storm that affected many people's lives in a negative way and I have great sympathy for them. Having said that, I am amazed by how frequently Katrina is used to explain away/justify ineffective practices here in the great state of Louisiana.

The latest encounter was with the Records Department at the LSU hospital. After Caleb was born we were told it would be at least 6 months before we could get a social security number for him and 10 months before we could get a birth certificate! When I asked why it takes so long, the lady launched in to a lengthy explanation of how "Eva since Katrina, we caint git stuff done so quick," and proceeded to tell me that my son's paperwork would likely sit in a room where no one works for months before it was ever touched.

When I asked what we're supposed to do about filing taxes without his social security # I was told, "We been tellin' folks they gotta file an amendment once they get they numba." Great! I would like to think that Katrina threw a wrench in the well-oiled machine that is the Pelican state, but I have a hard time believing they were much better before the storm (despite the fact that Gov. Bobby Jindal painted a luxurious picture of the beloved state during the Republican response to the presidential address last night).

I called the Records office yesterday just to see if there was any way of getting the social security # before April and was given the Katrina speech yet again.

So, does this mean I'm at liberty to use the same excuse for my own ineptitudes?

"I'm sorry It took me three months to return your phone call, but ever since Hurricane Katrina, I find it difficult to return phone calls."

"I know our Christmas email was sent late, but ever since Hurricane Katrina, it's impossible to send emails on time."

"I would've posted Caleb's birth story by now, but ever since Hurricane Katrina, it's been hard to post birth stories."

I could get used to this.


eryn said...

That's totally ridiculous. I have such a hard time with situations that can't quickly be resolved. For us here in Chicagoland it's Blagojevich, Rezko and 10% sales tax.

Nellie said...

Hilarious, and annoying all rolled up in one. Lots of people "forget" to pay/file their taxes these days and seem to do just fine, that is until they are appointed to a Cabinet post. If you are not politically inclined in future years, don't worry about it!!! :)

Noel said...

I LOVE your southern emails. I hope you guys stay there for awhile :)... Very excited to see you in March.. We'll have to do Carol's shower while you are out here for one extra get-to-gether.

Kelly said...

Jenny~ It's great to catch up on your blog. Caleb is adorable. Sorry it's taken so long for you to get your darn SS #, what a pain. Although, you have such funny humor about the whole thing, you crack me up! So happy to hear about Carol and the Babe! Hope all is fabulous, we miss ya!

nevadanista said...

Well heck, eva since I started bloggin', I cain't get nothin' done - so I cain't imagine what I'd do if I'd lived through Katrina ;-)

Melanie said...

Is it possible that you live just one state away from me? What an adventure y'all are having. At least it should provide family humor for decades.

I miss you. Tell me when you are coming into town for sure!

Mann Clann said...

So funny-I had to tell you that even in Florida (and this was shortly after I read this post) someone said "eva since Katrina!" LOL

(Of course your issue with the SS card is not so funny.)