Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ode to my baby daddy

With only a couple of days before this new baby enters our lives, I thought I would squeeze in a post dedicated to the man who made this possible...my baby daddy...David.
The other night he grabbed a popsicle and got his lip stuck to it. I heard him mutter, "Hep!" from the dining room and when I saw what had happened, I quickly waddled (an oxymoron) into the kitchen. He thought I was going to get something to alleviate his suffering, but I was really grabbing the camera. The look on his face as I snapped the picture was priceless!

He has put up with quite a bit over the last 9 months and the list is ever-increasing in recent weeks. Despite this, he has maintained a sense of humor while still being sensitive to my volatile and ever-fluctuating emotions.

One of the inconveniences is sleep related. People tell me that the scarcity of sleep before a baby is born is merely preparation for when the baby arrives. Those who know David well know that he was converted to the gospel of good sleep habits while at Stanford and strives to minimize his "sleep debt." He has had to come to terms with the fact that between being a slave at the hospital and a soon-to-be father, his debt is going to accumulate despite his best efforts, but he doesn't complain about it. Here is a typical night at our house:

10pm-David slips into a fatigue-induced coma and Jenny's manic nesting begins

1am-Jenny gets in bed and tosses and turns to position her numerous pillows

1:30am-Jenny gets up to pee then tosses and turns to reposition her numerous pillows

2:30am-Jenny gets up to pee then tosses and turns to reposition her numerous pillows

3:30am-Jenny gets up to pee then tosses and turns to reposition her numerous pillows

4:00am-David's alarm goes off and he selects which shade of blue scrubs he will be wearing that day.

After I had a particularly restless night last week, I asked him how he slept. His response was, "Well, I slept pretty well until 1am when it felt like the bed turned into a bounce house" (a reference to my restlessness...get your minds out of the gutter!). He hasn't said one word about the fact that his sleeping space has been limited to a width of approximately 12 inches over the course of the pregnancy as my need for additional cushioning and support has increased. Well, not until last week when he casually asked me, "So do you think we'll be able to get rid of a few of these pillows after the baby is born?"
Here are a few other things that have made me fall even more in love with him in recent months:

*Occasionally he comes home from the hospital wearing his latest bit of equipment which makes me laugh.

*He has accompanied me on numerous trips to baby stores looking for various paraphernalia (strollers, play pens, breast pumps, etc.). He even went so far as to brave a consignment sale with me, but put the smack down when I wanted to stand in line for more than an hour to buy an $18 Bumbo (thanks to my sister, Tiff, I now have a $15 Bumbo without having to stand in line:)

*He cares about my safety. After reading the label on the back of the lacquer spray I was going to use on the nursery furniture, he insisted that he subject himself to the harmful toxins rather than allow me to poison our unborn child while I looked on from a distance critiquing every spray to make sure it was exactly how I would do it:

*He's always been a great sport about going along with my crazy ideas for our Halloween costumes. This year was no exception and he even pieced his costume together all by himself:

*He looks good riding a bull!

So, here's to you my baby daddy. I sure love you!


Noel said...

I have been thinking about you alot! I hope and pray that things go ever so smoothly for you with the upcoming "events"... YOU DESERVE IT! I can't wait to see your baby boy (I hope its a boy... although I wouldn't be sad if my little girl had a close 2nd GIRL cousin--baby Moore might be sad though).. Good lucK! Love you! and can't wait for updates and pics! I

Whitaker Family said...

So you totally crack me up, I love to read these things because it is like talking to you, with the little comments and sidenotes every where. So I do hate to break it to you or David, but getting rid of those extra pillow is easier said then done. I got so used to sleeping with all of them, that I still sleep with them all in the same position. Yeah. Sorry. Cant wait to see this little guy!

Kerri said...

My whishful thinking is that you're in the hospital having dat baby right now. What an awesome ode to David--not all men make it through the 9 months with such grace :) lol

Can't wait!! loves.

Sheri Willardson said...

You are so funny! :) Your "bounce house" comment was hilarious. I feel for you-I do not miss the waking up 10 times a night to pee (yes, luckily, that does go away once the baby comes out, although then you are up 10 times a night taking care of screaming baby. You will sleep again eventually though, I promise.) There is nothing in the world sweeter than that new born baby-and yay, your almost done with being pregnant! I am so excited for you!

David is a great guy. What a sweet tribute to him! BTW-we are speaking in sacrament meeting (again) this Sunday, and we will miss not having you guys around! :)

Jen H said...

Dat is a good baby daddy!

You are seriously, too funny. I LOVED the bouncehouse ref as well. Hilarious.

nevadanista said...

Yo baby daddy be da bomb!

Ditto what Hailey said. I never gave up the pillows. With Ella, I slept on the couch the last two weeks. I didn't keep Matt awake all night that way, but mostly I loved the the support the back of the couch gave when I leaned up against it. It was the only way I could get any rest.

Best wishes :)

eryn said...

You are sooo funny. I read your entries to Scott. Wow, the south sounds fun and educated. I'm so exited for you! It's not scary, it's your moment! You'll enjoy it best heavily drugged.

Whitaker Family said...

OKay Jenny I heard word that the little man has bad his big entrance, and yet there is no post! I am waiting, I check all the time! Congrats!

Kelly said...

We are so excited to see pics of the little man!! Hope all is well, we're thinking of you!

Whitaker Family said...

Hello Jenny!!!!

Carol and Tyler said...

PICTURES ALREADY!!! I only have three of the little tike!!!