Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas

Instead of mailing Christmas cards this year, I emailed the following to pretty much everyone in my gmail address book. If you did not receive an email, I don't have your address. This is actually the edited version which does not include our new contact information, but I would happily send you the complete email version (which has much better resolution) if you would kindly leave me your email as a comment or send it to me at: ludlowjenny at gmail dot com. Of course, that's assuming I know who you are:) Here is the edited version of our Christmas letter as well as our annual photo montage:

2008 Highlights

Finished her clinical fellowship and earned a few more letters behind her name (CCC-SLP).
Focused her speech-pathology skills on trying to master the Louisiana dialect.
Joined the fabulous world of bloggers (see below for our blog address).
Got pregnant, survived the first trimester, loved the second, enjoyed the third.
Devoted many days to “nesting” projects (e.g. painting furniture, organizing the house compulsively, etc.).
Became a mommy.

Graduated from medical school and is now officially “Dr. Ludlow.”
Wrote his first prescription.
Shopped for, selected, bought, and single-handedly moved in to our new home in Louisiana before Jenny had ever even seen the place.
Started five- year residency program in Otolaryngology (a.k.a. Earn, Nose, and Throat) at Louisiana State University.
Was introduced to his new best friend…the dreaded pager!
Rode his first mechanical bull at the Louisiana State Fair without breaking any bones.
Became a daddy.

Was born

Sold our first home in Reno (a miracle to say the least).
Took an awesome pre-residency vacation to Mexico.
Moved to Louisiana and were introduced to many southern delicacies including, but not limited to, the following: fried pickles, fried oreos, fried snickers, fried alligator on a stick, fried Thanksgiving turkey (notice a trend?), gumbo, jambalaya, and crawfish.
Welcomed Caleb to our family

It has been a wonderful year full of adventures and blessings. Thank you for your interest in our lives and for your love and support.

David and Jenny


Whitaker Family said...

I love this Christmas card!! I think all of your accomplishemnts this year are great! COngrats! That is one great looking family of three!!

The Stubben Family said...

You all are amazing! What a life! I've been wanting to email and ask for your current mailing info to get our card to you, but didn't want to bother you with a new baby around-- BUT since you offered, my email is, could you send me your address??? Thanks! and Happy New Year! We miss you guys.

MaikoSLP said...

Love your e-card! I might steal this idea for next year. Congratulations on the arrival of Caleb and all of your accomplishments! Come see us when you come to Reno.

nevadanista said...

I love Little Joe Cypress in that stocking! Congrats on all you accomplished this year :)

Nellie said...

Congratulations, Jenny and David! Caleb is beautiful --

Mann Clann said...

Jenny-I don't know if you remember me from Vero Beach, FL, but I have been following your blog and LOVE it! You are so hilarious! I just wanted to say congrats on the baby-he is so super cute. I will always love and remember the Costley family!
--Sarah (McCall) Mann

Judy said...

Congrats you two, Caleb is adorable. I am so excited for you. Enjoy this wonderful time in your lives.

Melanie S said...

Why are you so hilarious?!? Your Halloween costume is just too funny. But you have one seriously adorable baby. I am so happy for you guys! I hope you are doing okay. We miss you tons.

Oh yeah, don't bother checking my blog anytime soon. I only have sporadic internet access, and no time. We should be in Texas by February, and then we should see if we can get together. Take care and keep in touch!

*NaTaLiE SaNdaLL* said...

I would LOVE the full resolution version. I will email you so you have my email. What a year you guys, time for some rest!