Friday, August 1, 2008

July travels

I spent the last three weeks traveling in Utah and California. It was a great trip complete with time at Bear Lake, swimming in my parents’ pool in Farmington, making raspberry jam and helping my mom can her beans, beets and corn for the year.

Here is a snapshot of me with my two youngest sisters, Caitlyn and Ali, listening to some tunes on the beach.

The baby bump continues to grow.

I also took a side-trip to Palo Alto to celebrate the 80th birthday of a good friend of ours, Dr. Dement. The Dements were like grandparents to us when we lived in Palo Alto and it was great to be a part of the celebration.

Here I am with Dr. D and the Stanford tree (one of the many distinguished guests at the party:)
Good friends Kathy, Liz, and Clarence at the party (thanks for your hospitality, Clarence).Meanwhile, David was holding down the fort at home which Kathy labeled “Shreveport…the other LA.” Kind of catchy, don’t you think?


Young Family said...

I am liking the junk in the front!

Jen said...

Such a cute little tummy!!

joey said...

Well catch me in the creek, boil me for dinner and call me a crawfish! Boys are cool... just don't turn your back on them on the changing table. The first time you block a stream of urine with your bare hand is a life changing experience, but then again, so are the times that you get to laugh with them. Congrats guys... lots of love from L.A. to LA!
Joey, Tiff and Jacob

Paul and Kristina said...

You are so tiny. Your baby bump is adorable.