Monday, August 25, 2008

7 years, 70 degrees and 7, 000 choices!

Seven seems to be a popular number for us lately starting with our 7 year anniversary! When we were in Reno we loved to go dancing so I found a local studio where we took a Cha-cha lesson. We were approximately 40 years younger than everyone else in the class, but it was a blast. As we were leaving, the sun was setting so I convinced David to take this picture. What I failed to notice was the very large fire ant hill (a real nice feature of the south) right next to the sign and on which I managed to step. Fortunately, I made it away unscathed.
Speaking of fire ants, David and I are realizing that owning a home in Louisiana is quite a bit different than owning a home in Nevada. In Reno, our yard was fairly low maintenance with the biggest issue being the insanely large weeds in our backyard (a product of our own neglect and lack of landscaping). Here, however, the dreaded fire ant hills are quite a challenge making yard work like playing a game of whack-a-mole. These ants are amazing! Just when you cover one hill with poisonous pellets, they build another one somewhere else within 12 hours. The poison we bought claimed that it was “guaranteed to kill the queen ant” which is supposedly key to destroying the colony. Apparently, our queen is heavily guarded and must have a poison-proof mask her soldier ants put on her when someone sounds the alarm that the poison pellets have arrived. We have yet to succeed in annihilating these little critters. Maybe our hotter-than-the-surface-of-the-sun climate diminishes the effectiveness of the “treatments.” The directions on the poison say “It’s best to apply the pellets when temperatures are cool (below 70 degrees).” Considering the fact that it's about 700 degrees here right now, I’d have to wait until February to get anywhere near 70 degrees. By then I think the whole yard would be covered in ant hills!
Speaking of our hotter-than-the-surface-of-the-sun climate here in good ol’ Shreveport, David and I were doing yard work last week and it was so stinking hot that I feared the brain development of our unborn child was in jeopardy. The only way I could figure to cope was to douse myself with water from the hose every 3-5 minutes. I quickly learned that it’s not a good idea to point the hose directly at your flesh when you’re turning it on for the first time in several hours b/c the water is SCALDING! I had to let it run for a minute before getting to the luke-warm stuff that was cooler than the outside temp. Here’s the approach we found works best: Now another 7, related to baby gear. For a date night we thought it would be a good idea to start looking at baby stuff. I felt like Ariel from the “Little Mermaid” looking at the 7,000 + products in front of us (“A whole new world…”). We quickly realized we know NOTHING about this realm and were completely overwhelmed by the infinite models and brands of car seats, baby monitors, bathing gear, etc. Fortunately, we have wise friends and family who have gone before and are relying on them for input.

David as he compares the weight of two different infant seats.

Our conclusion: they're all too heavy!


Iverson Family said...

You have the best commentary of all the blogs I read! Your blog is so fun to read! You are so dang cute pregnant too! And what a good idea to go take dance classes together. I think I really am going to talk Wade into doing that with me!

Brittany said...

Baby gear is "a whole new world." My recommendation is to buy the lightest baby seat. They grow out of them so fast anyway. And, even though the seat can hold up to 30 lbs.... who wants to carry their 30 pound child in a car seat hanging off your arm? So that's my thought on buying a smaller infant seat and then purchase a rear facing carseat later on. (Plus the bigger infant seats don't fit in restaurant booths or other usually accommodating places.)

Krystal Trapnell said...

Damon, Allie and I all had run-ins with fire ants in Jacksonville, and they are not fun! I hope you get that queen!

You are looking especially buff as you "whack an ant," though, and it makes me wonder if you have been flexing in the mirror (while fixing your hair, of course) to check yourself out!

Young Family said...

Good luck with the shopping. It is hard work! And good luck with the killer ants, have you tried drowning them in water. We used to do that all summer long... good times.

P.S. Invite Schnecky to your baby shower, she really wants to come.

Jen H said...

Good luck with everything. I have no wise ant advice to pass on - sorry. As far as the baby stuff goes, it is a little overwhelming but also so much fun! I don't care how cute something is ex clothes, once you shrink it to fit little babies it immediately gets soo much cuter!!

Nellie said...

Yes, I grew up in TX, not far from good old LA, and fire ants are annoying. You can, however, put laundry detergent on the hills. I remember doing this all the time, especially behind my dad's clinic. Might be a good fix until after Christmas when it is below 70degrees. :)

As for the baby gear, don't worry about the car seat being too heavy -- just get a snap-n-go thing with the wheels so you don't have to carry it. Also, the first kid is almost always NEVER put down, so there really is little need to even take the seat out of the car! Trust me! I have some serious opinions about baby gear, but Ithink I am very out dated now. I think we have owned almost a dozen sifferent strollers through the years. I do have a favorite, though . . . Good luck!

Congratulate to Paula for me -- how exciting for her!

nevadanista said...

Maybe pregnant women overheating in that southern heat is the reason you had to create the Louisianan to Standard American English Translation Dictionary. You be careful out in that sun ;-)

Good luck on your queen ant search and destroy mission! I wonder what your yard would look like if we could see it like a child's play ant farm? That would be fascinating!

Kerri said...

Fire Ants...THE BANE OF MY EXISTENCE I've decided. Yeah, they pretty much just pack up and move a few blades down when you try to kill 'em. Nice work on the blog--fun reading :)

MariLouise said...

The sign also advertised "Middle Eastern" dance. Why didn't you skip the cha-cha and go straight for belly dancing? I'm sure you have a lot to work with by now!

Paul and Kristina said...

I love reading what you have to say. You are a really entertaining writer.
The fire ants sound crazy and I am sorry you are dealing with the heat. I feel your pain, its hot here too and being pregnant just adds to it.
The whole new world you are discovering with babies is fun to hear. It is amazing how much Paul and I lacked knowledge in purchasing items. You'll be fine. As far as car seats, I would choose a light car seat because your baby will get heavier and it isn't fun lugging around a huge seat. You will have great arm muscles though. Good Luck!

Christie said...

good luck with the fire ants. Do they have any terminators in LA - my pest control guy is my best friend! As far as baby gear goes we always bought the car seat that goes with the stroller we like the best - so go out and test drive some strollers. They are in the carrier for such a short period of time but the stroller stays around forever (at least if you have mr fixer up/penny pincher for a husband). good luck

Sheri Willardson said...

When we were first married, we lived in a little apartment with a fireplace that housed FLYING ants. I think they are the worst and most annoying insect that has ever lived, so take comfort in the fact that it could be worse! :) Hope you do kill all the fire ants soon though.

You are looking so cute pregnant, and I hope you are feeling ok. Isn't it crazy how much there is for babies? Its a little ridiculous actually. Good luck with the shopping-and I can't wait for your shower. Maybe you'll get some fun things then.

tiffany said...

I love the pics and your narrative! Who needs a hot tub to avoid during pregnancy when you can just walk outside?;)I do wish you would have included a picture of the two of you folding up the beastly strollers!

Heather said... make me laugh! I would be going crazy with the fire ants too - I have some indoor ants that are my nemesis at the moment. Why is it that nothing seems to kill them? I do believe that Damonte Ranch used to be one big ant hill.

Ryon and I felt the same way with the baby products. I think it took us days to "register" becuase we just had too much to chose from. One thing I have loved is my "shopping cart cover". I use it daily!

Heather said... make me laugh! I would be going crazy with the fire ants too - I have some indoor ants that are my nemesis at the moment. Why is it that nothing seems to kill them? I do believe that Damonte Ranch used to be one big ant hill.

Ryon and I felt the same way with the baby products. I think it took us days to "register" becuase we just had too much to chose from. One thing I have loved is my "shopping cart cover". I use it daily!

Whitaker Family said...

I am glad to see that you are trying to keep cool, and also glad that you were wearing gloves handling to hazardous ant killer!
Um so I think no matter what the weight of the seat, it will be really heavy with a twenty puond baby, which is what the weight limit ia about in most of them. I was at Burlington the other day and saw a baby trend seat, it was so SMALL and light! I thought HUH i wish i would have gottenthat one. so i really want to see pics of the cute brick house. I love to read your entries, glad all i well!

nevadanista said...

Thinking of you as Gustav approaches - stay safe!