Saturday, April 4, 2009

Grandpa's charm

I had to post this video clip of Caleb's first hair cut. My dad was instrumental in completing the task without too much trauma. When I was little he was constantly making up songs and rhymes to make us laugh and his charm continues with the grandkids. Thanks to Tiff for capturing the moment on video!

Here are the "lyrics" to his tune in case the clapping makes it hard to understand:

Ha ga hee ga naga who noo noo
I don’t know why these women make you cry
This is something, all they got to do is say, “hi”
You don’t like to cry
You don’t like to moan
I don’t know why the women make you make the sounds alone.
Oh, ho, hee, they make you feel alone
Oh, ho, hee, we’re bros you and me!

Hee haw hee. Are they about done?
I think the end is about to be called
‘Cause in a minute you will be bald!

As a side note, the little boy who you see toward the end of the video is my sister's 2-yr-old who snuck into my parents' shower while Caleb's hair cut was in full swing and smeared body wash all over his head. Hence the reference to having "product" in his hair. He was the next client in grandma's salon.

This is a picture of the hair that was in the sink after Caleb's hair cut. How many three-month-olds have that much hair to spare???


tiffany said...

i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE both of these posts! What priceless footage. I'm also really partial to the picture in the post below with your Joe Cyprus crying over Dad's shoulder! Your documentation of the events reminds me how little of it I have done. You will have to check out my attempt at documenting such an eventful month! I just keep telling myself that I am trying ;)

Krystal Trapnell said...

Fun times at the Costley's. Wow, who knew a haircut could be so entertaining?

Carol said...

Loved the videos. Thanks so much for sharing. Your mom and dad look great.