Wednesday, April 1, 2009


We've had an exciting three weeks full of firsts for Caleb:
  • First airplane ride

  • First time meeting his grandpas...

...and cousins...(Joey, Luke, Jacob, Tiff, Caleb, David; Izzy, Caleb, Lolo, & Ryan; Luke & Caleb)

...and aunts and uncles...(Aunt Ali; Aunt Jess)

...and friends! (MariLouise, Caleb & Jonathan; Melanie & Caleb; Afton, Collan, me & Caleb; Andrea, Caleb & Savannah; Lindsay, me & Caleb)

  • First (and only) baby blessing

The Ludlow men

  • First hair cut-My mom was feeling brave during our visit to UT and took on the difficult task of cutting the hair of an active 3-month-old. Thank goodness for grandpa's ability to distract and soothe and grandma's ability to buzz a moving target!




  • First time in his crib (he graduated from the bassinet when we arrived back in Shreveport)

What an exciting life!


MariLouise said...

I can't believe that Jonathan and I are blog worthy--wow! And it's not just any blog; it has advertising!

That Caleb-meister is one cutie patootie.

The Perry's said...

It was great to see you guys again! glad to see that your travels went well. Enjoy the South for us all!

Quinn said...

He's a pretty cute boy. Say "hi" and "congratulations" to Tiff for me next time you talk to her.

Krystal Trapnell said...

What a bald spot! Good thing he's cute, he can pull it off. Looks like he's pretty happy about the crib!

Nellie said...

Such a cute little dude -- lots of firsts indeed. Hopefully by now you have had your first full night's sleep. That's what I want -- and my baby's not even here yet!

Shanna said...

It was fun to see you at the shower in Utah. I realized after I left, I didn't get to tell you goodbye. Love the haircut picture.

Carol and Tyler said...

that is one smiley baby!!!!

Emily said...

Great pictures. Caleb looks like he's a happy, alert little guy. That bald spot shows how active he is...keeps moving his head around trying not to miss out on anything. You asked about the 3x3 picture...I crop them, shrink them and put them together in photoshop.

Kerri said...

Way to go on that post!! That's gettin' 'er dun dad gummit (in Cory's words), and still showing us how cute and fun everything was. We miss that baby of yours :) and you too of course!

hc said...

What an adorable family you three have! Looks like you had fun visiting everyone. We're glad you're back, can't wait to hear all about the trip!

Sheri Willardson said...

Good job with the haircut-Whitney is almost 2 and I still have never cut hers-I just don't dare to do it yet! :) You are one brave mama-and what a cute little guy you have!