Thursday, October 30, 2008

State Fair of Louisiana

In our continued effort to experience all things Louisiana, we ventured to the state fair last weekend. We went in the back entrance and had the honor of walking past the 4-H livestock holding area. There's nothing quite like the aroma of fresh cow dung to get you in the fair spirit.

Note Dr. Doolittle's proximity to the beast in comparison to our friends', Jeff and Heather.

There were some definite highlights from our fair excursion:

-Funnel cake (I've had more funnel cake in the last four months than in the previous 27 years of my life combined!)

-Great weather. Two months ago I would've told you this place is forsaken when it comes to weather (I think I did actually say that in a couple of posts) but apparently the pay-off of extreme summer heat is a gorgeous October.

-Rigged fair "games." We avoided most of the games due to exorbitant prices, but when we came to the toss-the-ping-pong-ball-in-the-tiny-fish-bowl-to-win-a-goldfish game and it was only 25 cents a ball, we had to try. David made an arrangement (notice how I'm avoiding the word 'bet?') with our friend Jeff that if he made it in, Jeff would eat the goldfish. As a side note, Jeff is also an ENT intern at LSU so prior to entering into the above mentioned arrangement they had to discuss the likelihood of contracting any incurable diseases from eating a goldfish that had been kept in a nasty cooler for who knows how long.

We had a 50 cent budget for this game, so immediate success was crucial. Attempt #1-unsuccessful, attempt #2-unsuccessful. We started to walk away, but the carny in charge, said, "Wait a mint! I got a quata and I wanna see 'im eat dat fish." She handed David one last ping pong ball and he casually tossed it at the bowls. I am kicking myself for not video taping what happened next, but based on the complete failure of his first two attempts I was sure this one would miss too. Wrong! It didn't even hit the rim of the bowl, but landed right in the center. The look on Jeff's face was priceless. I still have to get a copy of the video clip from Heather and then I'll post it, but Jeff made good on his part of the arrangement and swallowed that little fishy down making our day as well as the carny's.

-The final highlight came from David's first attempt ever at mechanical bull-riding. I was reluctant to approve this adventure, not so much because of the risk of head injury or breaking something, but rather because of the "$7 for one attempt" sign posted at the booth. Here is the footage of the ordeal. At the end of his every-so-brief ride, you'll hear me say, "Hey, hang on!" Translation: we just paid $7, so you better get a few more seconds in!


Kerri said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this post--keepin' things real!! :)

nevadanista said...

Please do one of your posts entirely in Louisianan! That would really make me happy :)

I think David's definitely ready for the rodeo circuit. Either that or he should star in a remake of Urban Cowboy. Awesome!

Jen H said...

You are so funny. I love to see your cute little tummy emerging slowly. My favorite part is your rendition of the carny talking. I nearly fell of my chair! Too funny!

Nellie said...

Hilarious! I love the fair, especially in the South, an dI am SO glad you finally have some decent weather. You are looking FAB~~!

MariLouise said...

1. Why do you have ads on your blog now. Are you getting really popular?

2. Okay, I tried to convince you to come to the Texas State Fair, which is FAR superior to anything Louisianna can offer, and you would have none of it. Why this sudden interest in 4-H? Stinker!

J-Lo said...

1)-The ads are my attempt at contributing to our income b/c I get a few cents every time someone clicks on one (hint, hint). Who needs a master's degree when you can make like $2 a year with GoogleAds?
2)-I bet the Texas state fair is far superior, but wouldn't I be a traitor if I devoted my loyalty to the Lone Star state instead of the Pelican State? Plus, we had really cheap tickets:)

tiffany said...

Way to go Dave!

Carol and Tyler said...

Is it just me or do you guys have more fairs/carnivals/festivals than the rest of the country put together?? Way to make the most of gator land!!! Love ya!