Thursday, December 10, 2009

Presenting: Caleb's birth story!!!

In honor of Caleb's 1 year birthday this week, I am FINALLY posting about his birth. So, ready or not, here it comes!
Here I am the night before I was scheduled to be induced feeling like the bun was definitely done cooking in the oven:

12/10/08 (Wednesday)
5am-David is off to work at the hospital. Here is our whiteboard interchange that day (some days this is the only type of communication we have)

10pm-David is on call at the hospital. I'm scheduled for induction at midnight, so I'm busy packing my hospital bag and getting ready to drive myself to the hospital
10:30pm-my water breaks during my hospital packing, "Oh, shoot," I think. "Now what do I do?"
10:32pm-I call David, "You'll never believe this, but my water just broke. Don't worry, I think I can still drive myself to the hospital in 10 minutes after I take a shower and shave my legs." He wisely tells me that's crazy, instructs me NOT to get in the shower, and calls a friend to arrange a ride.
10:33pm-I get in the shower anyway and set a world-record for fastest leg shave, getting dried off and dressed before my ride gets to the house.
10:36pm-I'm out of the shower and having my first contraction, "Ooo, that's uncomfortable," I think.
10:39pm-another contraction. "Um, that seems really close to the last one."
10:40pm-Our good friend Talana arrives and loads me and my well-packed suitcase into her van.
10:42pm-another contraction. Talana does a great job making conversation and trying to keep my mind off of my mounting discomfort level as she drives in the pouring rain at this late hour. David is calling me every 2 minutes to see where we are. He assures me he will be waiting at the hospital entrance when we arrive. Contractions are coming every 3 minutes with each one getting more painful.
10:55pm-We pull in to the hospital and see David standing there in his white coat waiting with an LSU double-wide wheelchair (apparently, the only kind they have). He helps me in to the wheelchair and I quickly realize that someone for whom the chair's width was designed must've used it and caused the seat to angle precariously downward. As an added bonus, the foot rests were broken (did I mention that I delivered in the ghetto?) so it was a fun ride to the labor and delivery unit as I tried to use my contracting abdominal muscles to elevate my feet off the floor while firmly gripping the armrests to keep from sliding out of the chair and onto the floor. This picture really doesn't do the wheelchair justice!

11:05pm-safely in my hospital bed and in a SIGNIFICANT amount of pain. I decide that delivering naturally is NOT my preferred method and ask the nurse how quickly I can get an epidural. She breaks the bad news that hospital protocol requires I go through 2 IV bags of fluid before I can get one. "Well, what the heck are you waiting for???" I ask, at which point she sticks me and hooks me up to the IV.
11:10pm-1am on 12/11/08 (Thursday)-I watch each drip from the IV bag with concerted effort as I empty the contents of my stomach and pray for fast-acting drugs. David is technically on call until 6am and his pager is going off every few minutes. He is running in and out of the room answering calls until I scream for him to get in the room so my fingernails can dig in to his supple flesh. He takes it like a man for each 60 second contraction then runs back out to take another call. He sees his co-resident, Jeff, in the hall and after hearing about the madness Jeff insists that David relinquish the pager to him, a HUGE favor!!! Here I am between contractions:

1:45am-I see the final drop from IV bag #2 and plead with the nurse to get the anesthesiologist. He arrives, and within minutes I am a different woman. Dilated 4cm at this point and they estimate another 12 hours before delivery.
2-6am-Heavenly bliss as I continue to dilate while NAPPING! Hooray for drugs! Before napping, however, I feel a sense of urgency to call my sister Tiffany who is 2 weeks away from her due date and planning a medication-free delivery. It is 12am Malibu time (2am Shreveport time) when I wake her up from a sound sleep and plead, "Tiff, DON'T do it, DON'T do it! It hurts SOOOOOOO bad!!!" She ignored my admonition and fared beautifully well...what a woman!
6:45am-The nurse comes in to check me and after lifting the sheet says with great urgency, "Um, whatever you do, DON'T push." As she hurries out of the room, I hear her say, "He's got a full head of hair." Dilated 10cm and he was ready to come. Our hands are showing "10" (just to clarify since it looks like we're doing spirit fingers):

6:52am-They transfer me to the delivery room, I push through 1-1/2 contractions.
6:59am-We hear the voice of our perfect little miracle for the first time (and then KEPT hearing it non-stop for the next 7 weeks, but that's a WHOLE separate story!)
Here's David cutting the umbilical cord:

Our little family (and David's stylish hat):

Sporting some nice Donald Trump hair:

Here we are a day after delivery feeling blessed to have Caleb in our life

Some of the residents stopped by to see the newest member of the ENT department.

Back in the double-wide before driving home:

The drive home from the hospital:

Showing Caleb his house for the first time:

And that's the story of how our family of two became year ago.


mrs. m said...

I love it! You are seriously so beautiful in your hospital gown! Wish I could say the same for myself!

Anonymous said...

i'd have to agree with mrs. m's comment. you looked so good despite the pain and exhaustion. as for me, i looked to' up from the flo' up! lol caleb was a cutey at birth - not much has changed ;) Happy Birthday Caleb!!

Nellie said...

Wow. Great story. I can't believe it's been a year . . . when's #2 going to be on the way. #1 is so dang cute . . .make lots!

Whitaker Family said...

HOLY cow that is a double wide wheel chair!!!

Anyway, love the story, and jenny he was one super cute, no beautiful baby!!!!!
GREAT job.

I hear you will be in town for Christmas, i might be, no i am hopeing to see you!

Brittany Wagner said...

I love birth stories!! Glad it went well! And you look way to good in all of your pictures! I can't believe he is already 1! Crazy how time flies!!

jeaner29 said...

Your writing just cracks me up! Thanks for the story--it's never too late! How in the world did you keep track of the time so precisely!?

jeaner29 said...

P.S. You actually needed to shave your legs in the midst of it all? I should so care but I remember caring about nothing and baring it all when I had my first! I mean, I REALLY didn't care!

tiffany said...

Way to go on publishing the story! I love the details. Sure wish you would have included the phone call to me about 5 minutes after the epidrual kicked in! What a good laugh!

p.s. I just clicked on the funniest ad I have seen on your blog yet..."wild wheelchair vehicles" apparently your wheelchair description (which was hilarious) inspired the google ad engine!

Melanie S said...

That is such a great story! You always make it funny. It was great to talk to you last night! See you soon!