Friday, October 23, 2009

Getting back on the horse

As my astute older sister declared in a recent phone conversation, "Girl, you've fallen off the blogging horse!" Fallen I have, but I am attempting to remount the horse and hope I don't end up with saddle sores!

Our baby boy is becoming more of a man every day even if the pediatrician's growth charts don't show it. His new-found hobbies include:

***looking out the window to
a)watch the incessant rain drops
b)scare the deer that roam our backyard forest so they don't poop all over the grass
c)wave to cars that drive by our house and then not take it personally when they don't wave back.

***taking notes as we watch General Conference

***pushing buttons which includes remote controls, cell phones, TVs and best of all...DVD players. It took about 2 minutes of exploring the player to figure out which button gave him the most bang for his buck.

***"Reading" copious amounts of books.

At least once during the day he crawls over to his book box and spends in excess of 20 minutes looking at his favorite books. It's the best. A few minutes into this morning's reading session, he crawled over to where I was working on the computer and I saw this:

As we all know, when there's curdled milk on a baby's chin, there's a big mess somewhere else. But where could it be? Tile floor...clear, computer keyboard...clear, Gossie & Gertie book...NOT clear.

Poor Gossie got totally slimed by puke. Thank goodness for board books which can be easily cleaned with Clorox wipes!

Maybe I haven't forgotten how to ride this horse.


Noel said...

YEE-HAW! You are a cowgirl, if ever there was one in the blogging world..(PS-your older sister had been off the horse for awhile herself :P)

I just LOVE how smart that teenie, tiny boy is! I remember the window peering days.. Now that you've reminded me of what is in store, I am sad we went for shutters instead of blinds. Poor Mace won't get as much window time in as Tyson did... And might I say how clean your windows and floors are:)

Carol said...

What a kid!! He's darling and growing so fast. Love seeing your blog.

tiffany said...

Way to go girl! I love reading your writing. He is adorable, and that stripped outfit he has on is cracking me up.

Paul and Kristina said...

Caleb is a busy boy. It's so fun when they explore and you have to child proof your house.
We love the Gossie book. Avery got it for her birthday and it's so cute.
Keep up with blogging, I enjoy reading what you have to say.

Carol and Tyler said...

Neiiigggghhh! Glad to see you're back. Let's face it, clicking on your blog link every three days and seeing an old post was getting tiring-especially when something this good is just waiting to be seen by the world! Adorable. The picture of him in the green outfit sitting in all of the books looks like one from our baby albums- he's got some strong Costley genes. The pudgy fingers on the DVD player are great.

Toni Ludlow said...

You ride that pony!!! I LOVE LOVE his cute fingers!!!! Those look like the halloween jammies grandma got him!! SO CUTE!!!! We MISS you guys SOOOOO much

Jen H said...

ride baby ride!! good job, as always very entertaining.

Kerri said...

Hilarious! Can't wait to see a Halloween post Olive Oil :)

Matt and Alissa said...

This is David's cousin, Alissa. Your little guy is such a cutie. I'm so glad I found your blog and can keep up on Dave's family. That is awesome that he loves books. Keep that going as long as you can.