Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Knuckle Sandwiches and Rice Cereal

Here's a quick update on Caleb's latest tricks:

Eating knuckle sandwiches

Interlocking his toes when he's concentrating

Adjusting the position of his bottle using his feet

Reading books

Telling stories (check out his tongue dexterity, too:)
Rejecting rice cereal

Supervising me while I do chores

Yielding to the Earth's gravitational pull

Splashing his daddy in the bathtub

Sticking out his tongue for minutes at a time

So maybe it was misleading to introduce this post as a "quick" update...oops:)


Carol said...

LOVED the pictures and the video. What a fun little boy. Isn't life grand when you're a 4 month old.

Nellie said...

He is adorable! I love how he looks like he is doing yoga with his feet clasped together. Truly a genious, of course!

tiffany said...

Luke and I have been checking out pictures of Caleb for the past few minutes! He is loving it! I love the rice cereal situation :) You are a beautiful family!

hc said...

You would buy that t-shirt ;) Loved that Caleb was staring at the camera the whole time you were getting him to sit, too cute!

Carol and Tyler said...

I think we have a little ham on our hands. Can't wait for a photo session this summer!

Heather said...

He just gets cuter and cuter everytime I look at your blog!! I can't believe he is four months already...oh how time flies. I love the "hunka burnin' love" onsie - that's awesome!

To answer your question about my new camera, it's a Canon Power Shot SX10IS. I love it and it takes great pictures!!

nevadanista said...

The earth's gravitational pull video is amazing. He never once lost his form on the way down! And he's so pleasantly modest while bathing :D

Camille said...

What a flexible little yoga guru. He is darling.

Brittany Wagner said...

He he soo cute! I can't believe it's already rice cereal time!!

eryn said...

He is a hunk of burnin' love! I LOVE that age. Actually I pretty much love the whole thing until about 4. Then it's hit or miss.

Paul and Kristina said...

He's too cute. I love his hair.

Terri said...

Ali loves the sitting up footage and your water baby. He is like a rolly polly.

My how he is growing! Very cute family.