Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Louisiana State Peach Festival

People here in Louisiana love their festivals which are spread all throughout the year. Last weekend we went to the state peach festival in Ruston (about an hour east of Shreveport). It’s basically a place where local artists sell their handiwork and you can get all kinds of culinary delicacies. My favorite one: deep fried alligator on a stick. It was surprisingly delicious! Other deep fried menu items which we did NOT try were deep fried Oreos and deep fried Twinkies. There were relatively few peaches at the peach festival (it’s still early in the season I guess), but we did pick up a bag of semi-cling yellow peaches which are fantastic.
Here are two examples of the “handiwork” available at the festival:
1) Rocking horses made from recycled car tires. I’m not sure how you’d keep your child’s thighs from sustaining third degree burns when they sit on these things after they’ve been out in the LA heat all day, but they must raise ‘em tough here in the south.
2) At a booth called “Happi Crabs” you could buy live crabs whose shells had been painted. David tried to convince me that a crab would make a great pet, but even in the extreme heat I was coherent enough to say no to that proposal.


Krystal Trapnell said...

Just as we're leaving the south...her yu cum. I'm glad you'll get to experience the southern hospitality we got used to in Jax. I love the southern accents. Could do without the humidity. Miss you!

Whitaker Family said...

OH my, deep fried alligator?!! Was it really alligator? hmmmm. . .