Sunday, June 1, 2008

Farewell to our first home

I remember vividly when we moved to Reno from Palo Alto where we’d been living in 500 square foot apartments for three years paying WAY too much money in rent. Our 1300 square foot house in Reno was like a palace in comparison. It was the perfect place for us during the past four years. On May 10th, we officially vacated our first home. After having the house on the market for three weeks we received an offer. As many people said when we listed (at what some would call a not so opportune time to be selling a house) “it only takes one.” We recognize this as a huge blessing.

The moving company left a HUGE trailer in our driveway and since we were paying by the foot, we proceeded to play life-sized Tetris figuring out how to fill every cubic foot with boxes and furniture. It turns out our life's possessions can fit nicely into 14 feet of truck space. Thanks to all those who helped with loading the truck (and a huge thanks to their wives for letting them come).
Our last photo shoot in front of the house.

Since I have been busy with work and haven't been feeling great (quite an understatement) David did most of the packing. In the process he managed to separate the skin on the tip of his pointer finger from the nail bed, an injury that is much more inconvenient than you might imagine. As David informed me, the pointer finger is essential to many daily activities (flossing, typing, etc.). The injury was exacerbated the morning of the move and we couldn’t get it to stop bleeding. Unfortunately, all of our Band-Aids were packed. David made due for as long as possible, but before too long I heard him yell from the kitchen, “That’s it! I’m going to fashion my own bandage!” The next thing I knew, he had a paper towel folded into eighths wrapped around his finger tip with clear packing tape holding the “bandage” in place. You can’t say he isn’t creative. Here’s a photo of his genius.

A very "fashionable" bandage, don't you think?


Brittany said...

I thought he was a doctor? Heheh Couldn't he come up with anything better?!!
We are gonna miss you guys!

Carol and Tyler said...

ahahahahahahaha! Atta boy! Forget ENT, how about medical sales? Sell your bandaging ideas...

Paul and Kristina said...

I love tetris. I am glad you got to play it for real in the back of the truck.
I love Dave bandage. That is too funny, I am sorry he was hurt though.
Saying "goodbye" to your first home is sad. I am so glad you sold it so quickly. That is truly a HUGE blessing in this housing market.